We will educate against animal abuse; help rescue these abused and unwanted animals from being euthanized; provide proper veterinary care, plus spay and neuter; give them temporary homes; and work with other rescues to get these great animals forever homes with responsible people to share a high quality of life.


18 months old
Bullmastiff/American Bull dog mix



Shots up-to-date

Spayed / Neutered

Adoption Fee
Mystic is a beautiful American Bulldog/Mastiff mix weighing it at 90 pounds. She's a BIG dog with a BIG personality. Her joy for life and rescue shines through. Mystic is like a precocious toddler. There is no such thing as personal space, she loves to touch her people and hold hands. Everything she comes across has to be taste-tested and goes straight in her mouth, including hands and feet, but hey, what's a little mastiff drool? When she's running and playing, she doesn't see anything around her.... running into people, walls, and furniture. After the terrible start she had in life, it brings us such joy to see her goofy and happy. Mystic was found running wild in a rural area and her life was in serious jeopardy from people who were afraid of her. She was rescued with her 3 puppies who have already been adopted. Mystic has overcome food aggression and a fear of just about everything. Traffic, loud 4-door trucks, motorcycles, and atv's still cause a lot of anxiety, but she has become much less reactive to them. Because of her childish ways, Mystic is kenneled when she can't be constantly watched. Her foster family is slowly introducing her to other pets in the home, but she's not ready to co-exist with any yet. She seems ok with small dogs, but plays much too rough for them, and is still very fearful of larger dogs. Cats are a definite no. We would recommend a home with older children, at least 8yrs old, just because she's not careful and she's strong. Mystic is housebroken to a schedule, but doesn't tell you when she has to go out. Overall she is a happy girl, just loving life. Mystic has been very receptive to training and just really wants to please her people. At 18m old, she's at a great age to mold into a wonderful pet. She is spayed, current on her vaccinations and micro chipped. Her adoption fee is $135. If you would like to apply to adopt Mystic or any of her rescue friends, please visit our website to complete and adoption application by clicking on the link below: