We will educate against animal abuse; help rescue these abused and unwanted animals from being euthanized; provide proper veterinary care, plus spay and neuter; give them temporary homes; and work with other rescues to get these great animals forever homes with responsible people to share a high quality of life.


5 years old
Boston Terrier

Good with cats

Good with dogs


Shots up-to-date

Spayed / Neutered

Adoption Fee
Rae is a 5 year old sweet Boston Terrier. She came to Noah's Hope after being picked up as a stray. She had horrible eye trauma and ultimately our vets had to remove both eyes, leaving her blind and in need of a special home. She has been able to learn to get around okay in her foster home and her foster mommy did buy her a Muffin's Halo to help her in getting around new places. That would definitely be sent with her to her new home. If Rae's only issue was being blind, that would be bad enough. But she also has a very sensitive stomach. She will have diarrhea often, and requires daily medications. She is also not fully housebroke. She will go potty outside if taken out, but obviously, she can't find you and let you know she needs to go out. She gets along okay with the dogs in her foster home but obviously she doesn't play. She does get growly if they get up in her face. She also has storm anxiety, big time. And we learned the hard way you can't give her a mild sedative, because she panics, not being able to see. So she just needs love and cuddling to get through it. She is also very sensitive and emotional. She is sad if her foster mom leaves her. She is dramatic if she can't hear her and she wants to be right with her all the time. She needs an absolutely stable, unchanging, and patient situation. At 22 pounds, Rae is a sweet dog who needs a chance. The right home is out there... and we owe it to her to work hard to find it. Rae is spayed, current on her vaccinations and micro chipped. Her adoption fee is $135. If you would like to apply to adopt Rae or any of her rescue friends, please visit our website to complete and adoption application by clicking on the link below: