We will educate against animal abuse; help rescue these abused and unwanted animals from being euthanized; provide proper veterinary care, plus spay and neuter; give them temporary homes; and work with other rescues to get these great animals forever homes with responsible people to share a high quality of life.


3 years old

Good with cats

Good with dogs


Shots up-to-date

Spayed / Neutered

Adoption Fee
Here's Johnny.....! He is an almost three year old chihuahua. He came in to Animal Control as a surrender after his owner died. He is a bigger Chihuahua weighing at about 12 pounds. Johnny is a tough case.... he is a "bite now, ask questions later" kind of dog. We couldn't even get him out of the kennel at Animal Control. After about 24 hours, he would let us handle him. His foster mom still cannot handle him if he is in his dog bed.... he will growl and bite and fight to the death. He wants to do everything on his own terms. He is hard to handle in terms of Frontlining, clipping nails, etc. He doesn't like to go outside, so he's been going on a potty pad. His foster mom can't always pick him up to take him out (bites). He does take food nicely from her hand and he will also jump up and sleep next to her, as well as let her hold him and pet him on her lap. She can also pick him up, provided she is not doing something he doesn't like (i.e., taking him outside). He gets along okay with the other dogs and he is okay with the cat too. So, his foster mom will keep working on Johnny. He is going to take a patient and loving, quiet home. Because Johnny is set in his ways, a home with small children is out of the question. Whoever adopts him will need to make sure he has his space. If he's in his bed, just leave him alone. AND, if you love WEIRDO dogs, then this dog is for you! He has come out of his shell a bit and will still bite on occasion, but not too often. He loves to play "red light, green light" with his foster mom. He will chase her if she turns around.... then if she faces him, he stops short. He gives weird kisses, but only on his own terms. He loves to get attention when she is sitting. Particularly in the bathroom. But sitting anywhere, he jumps up on her lap. He has a crazy side-eye. But the longer we get to know the little weirdo, he has grown on us. He brings new meaning to weird Chihuahua, that's for sure! Johnny is neutered, current on his vaccinations and micro chipped. His adoption fee is $135. If you would like to apply to adopt Johnny or any of his rescue friends, please visit our website to complete and adoption application by clicking on the link below: